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Here you will find updated information about NowDocs and its products.  Make sure to contact NowDocs for specific questions about its products, or to get in touch with a Sales Representative in your area for a personalized assessment.

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NowDocs is Crazy for QR Codes!

North Mankato, MN October 4, 2012 - NowPrint can be used to print two types of QR Codes for your clients: print standard QR Codes or utilize the XMPie uDirect® plug-in for variable-data messages.


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NowPrint 8.1 Is Here!

North Mankato, MN July 25 2012 - NowDocs has released the latest version of NowPrint!  Contact us to learn more about this great upgrade, and click on the link below to read about new software functionalities.


   NowPrint 8.1 Press Release



2012 IPMA Annual Educational Conference!

Kansas City, MO June 24-28 2012 - NowDocs is once again pleased to be a vendor at the 53rd annual In-Plant Printing and Mailing Association educational conference.  Come visit us to learn about web-to-print!


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Check Us Out!

North Mankato, MN April 11, 2012 - NowDocs has had a Social Media facelift!  Check out our new Social Media sites to get the latest on everything NowDocs and web-to-print.


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NowPrint 8.0 is Here!

North Mankato, MN March 20, 2012 - NowDocs announced the release of NowPrint 8.0, the latest version of the web-based job submission and print production software tool.


NowDocs, NowPrint, press release   NowPrint 8.0 Press Release



Celebrate In-Plant Awareness Week!

IPMA, February 27 - March 2 2012 - In-Plant Awareness Week was created by IPMA to spotlight the special contributions made by in-house design, printing, mailing and distribution professionals.


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Happy Holidays from NowDocs!

North Mankato, MN December 25, 2011 - NowDocs would like to wish you a safe and happy holiday season.


NowDocs, NowPrint, web to print, 2011 holiday greeting   NowDocs 2011 Holiday Greeting



NowPrint 7.4.3 is Here!

North Mankato, MN April 19, 2011 - NowPrint 7.4.3 has been released.  Don't miss out on this great upgrade; contact your nearest Account Manager today to get started.


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2011 IPMA Annual Educational Conference!

Charleston, South Carolina June 5-9 2011 - NowDocs is pleased to be a vendor at IPMA's 52nd national educational conference designed exclusively for in-house printers and mailers. 


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