Manage Your Brand, Customize the Message and Maintain Document Accuracy

Customizing and personalizing marketing and HR documents has never been easier. NowDocs NowPrint solutions include variable-data printing, online proofing, eFiling and more to make 1:1 marketing, direct mail, collateral and HR documents easier to manage and keep compliant.

1:1 Marketing Solution

Talk one-on-one to your audience and create relevant, engaging materials that elicit responses with variable-data printing (VDP). NowPrint lets your users automate personalization, using information from your database to trigger the insertion of variable words and images that align with your data. Our basic VDP works with InDesign, Word and Publisher.

Direct Mail Solution

Store direct mail pieces digitally so field reps, sales people or anyone you designate can electronically access the files to create a mailing. They can have them printed and mailed to a list, drop shipped for further processing or, if the file was set up for variable-data printing, it could be merged with a database for personalization.

Business Identity Solution

Give users access to company and department letterhead, notepaper, envelopes, business cards and other materials featuring your logo. Even allow users to personalize with their own name and contact information if appropriate. Documents are printed and delivered and you don’t have to worry about inventory, shipping or billing the right department.

Collateral Management Solution

Make your marketing and HR collateral easily accessible and keep materials up to date by storing all your documents in an electronic filing cabinet. Customize access to the eFiling cabinet based on departments or user. Collateral is easy to find and get printed. There’s no outdated stock in inventory, so there are fewer misprints or reprints.

Company Store Solution

Let your marketing and HR customers order the documents they need whenever and wherever they need them with a company-branded portal. This digital storefront lets customers place orders, review their electronic inventory and approve documents 24/7. Plus, your online company store will bill them as defined by your business rules.

Training Documents Management Solution

Keep all training documents a few clicks away in a convenient eFiling cabinet. When users log in, they’ll see the documents that pertain only to them. You manage the training materials from one location and keep everything current. No old materials to destroy and write off.