Our Web-Based-Host, the NowCloud, can be Accessed Anywhere the Internet is Available

Save time and money with NowDocs technology like NowPrint Software as a Service and our reliable NowCloud cloud computing. Keep your IT resources focused on other initiatives, we'll ensure your online printing solution remains available 24/7.


NowCloud, NowDocs, NowPrint, web to print NowCloud, NowDocs, NowPrint, web to print

Software as a Service

NowDocs NowPrint is a software-on-demand solution that gives your users access to web-to-print software and online printing services without taking up space in your infrastructure. Because it is web-based, hosted centrally in the NowCloud, it can be accessed anywhere the Internet is available.

Based on a monthly subscription fee, this Software as a Service (SaaS) can save you money versus paying for an on-site software installation. Also, because the software is hosted on the NowCloud, you don't need to invest in additional hardware, and you don’t have to worry about software management installation, set-up, daily maintenance or future upgrades. We take care of the security, availability and performance of the software because they are run on our NowCloud environment.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing lets you purchase computing services similar to the way you purchase electricity from an electricity grid. You access highly secure, high-performance computing power through shared computing resources as opposed to investing in local servers. The cloud makes software, information and computer storage available to your computers and other Internet devices as a utility.

NowCloud computing is owned, delivered and managed remotely by NowDocs through our SaaS business model. The NowCloud web interface allows us to share our processing and storage resources in a one-to-many environment on a subscription basis that lowers your total cost of ownership.

You gain the advantage of a state-of-the-art infrastructure without having to make the investment in hardware, IT expertise, resources or time. Your users can run the NowPrint application on computers with little data or software — just a web browser running on a minimal operating system. And they can access NowPrint on demand 24/7 because the solution is created and hosted on the NowCloud.

NowPrint Technology Advantages

NowDocs has a robust, scalable, state-of-the-art environment that provides you with security, computing power and reliable, 24/7 access to the NowPrint application. Your IT headaches go away because we offer:

  • Complete backups of all necessary files and configurations.
  • A server farm designed for NowPrint’s specific needs, which creates a stable (low touch) environment
  • Authentication if required
  • Enhanced support, because we can get to the servers and application to make sure all the latest upgrades and patches are provided for your software version
  • Several ACE servers that help avoid down time

NowCloud Hosting Center Details


All network components, ISP links and servers are paired or are in farms to prevent any single point of failure

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High-performing web application and ACE servers on next-generation Dell hardware

High-performing database server clusters on next-generation Dell hardware

Fully redundant GIG-E infrastructure throughout the environment

All systems monitored 24/7 for optimal performance and availability


Enterprise-class F5 load balancers provide resilience and performance to the environment while allowing for growth and expansion of the application farms

Over 15TB of scalable disk space used for eFiling cabinet file storage


Hosted environment is SAS70 Type II compliant

ISO 27001 framework is used for managing all systems

Multiple layers of network protection including specialized enterprise-class

DDOS, IPS, WAF and firewall appliances. ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) followed for all IT Service Management

All operating system and application software is fully managed, which includes any required patches or updates

Security scans occur regularly

Data Center:

Two privately owned and operated data centers

"e;Building within a building"e; construction with independent roofing systems Both are reinforced poured-concrete bunkers; one certified to withstand an F-4 weather event

Feature complete fire suppression systems

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Physical Security:

Key card access system — tiered zones — "least privilege" approach

Two-factor authentication required for server room access

Security camera surveillance throughout and at all entrance/exit doors

Log book maintained at all locations — visitors must register, wear visitor badges and be escorted during their visit

Electrical Power:

Power provided to two data centers by separate utility companies

Two redundant UPS (Uninterruptible Power Systems) at each facility

Total A-side and B-side redundancy via independent power-distribution units are provisioned to each rack throughout the server rooms

Diesel backup generators provide emergency backup power with extended on-site fuel supply

Systems are monitored remotely by live command center 24/7/365

Environmental Control Systems:

Multiple Liebert System CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioning) units

Systems are monitored remotely by live command center 24/7/365



          NowDocs, NowPrint, NowCloud, web to print