Online Print Services Built to Scale

Medium to large organizations seek efficiency and scalability from our NowPrint® Software as a Service (SaaS) web-to-print solution. The versatile platform lets us tailor the solution to your needs and offers website integration and large order volume. Have us calculate your ROI today.

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The Features

Essentials for an Enterprise-Class Solution


Take advantage of the NowCloud. Cloud-based computing and new technologies like virtualization can increase your load per server. Our state-of-the-art NowCloud processing and storage network can support large numbers of everything through your solution.

Adjust for your specific needs. Economically scale your solution where you need it based on data. For example, if your variable-data printing business is growing faster than your ad hoc document printing, surgically scale just the variable-data processing power.

Template customer sites. Streamline the process and get new customers online quickly by cloning accounts. The standard license includes unlimited configurable sites, unlimited system users and unlimited groups to organize your users.

Share products. Offer all of your customers the same products without reconfiguring them. NowPrint shared groups lets you designate a group of products to be shared across customers. This allows you to edit once and publish to many.


Print-enabled e-commerce typically needs to sit alongside standard e-commerce, or at least deeply integrate into existing systems. NowPrint can be componentized and embedded into your current business process. Buyers benefit by having a single transaction, and providers benefit from a single backend financial system.

With answers to the following questions, we can take on large-scale, complex integration projects.

  • What do customers want to exchange (data)?
  • When do they want to do the exchange?
  • What is the agreed-upon, shared language between systems?

Plug-In Approach

NowPrint can be plugged into another process and used as a component. Because we may not do every step of the solution, we can create a standard for interacting with the system that can be replicated for every derivation. This decreases custom code and the associated maintenance, and it makes it easy to change from one version to the next.


Having a solution made up of components makes integration possible. NowPrint lets you use your existing systems in areas where it makes sense and the relevant parts of its platform to meet specific unmet business needs.

  • Store data in just one place. Having the same information in two places causes data synchronization challenges for the life of the integration.
  • Determine an authoritative upfront system for the data and what will “subscribe” to that authority for updates.

Convenient Catalog

Store documents or non-print inventory in a Catalog that users can access based on rights and roles or segmented for a particular company or department. Each item has a thumbnail image and unique metadata associated with it (price, SKU, name, etc.). In addition to ordering printed documents, users can download any non-warehouse item as a PDF.

Automated Approvals

You can easily add an approval step before order submission. Approvals are configurable and can be automatic for all users in a Group, or set to trigger when the order exceeds a particular threshold or dollar amount.

Multiple Print Centers

Your print centers can be at one company or at a combination of your facilities and your partners’ locations. With the NowCloud network, users access your solution from anywhere via the web and it’s scalable, allowing you to add other products, services and fulfillment partners.

Item/Component-Level Costs and Pricing

Set up your web-to-print commerce system with detailed costs and pricing — even at the item/component level. Components might include paper, impressions, finishing options, etc. Assign costs as well as per-component prices, and run cost-based calculation reports to track profitability on an order-by-order basis.

Flexible Pricing Configuration

You can assign discounts, establish bulk pricing and set other pricing rules with our flexible pricing options. Pricing configurations can define tiered-unit price per quantity, set price per item ordered and total a group of individual items to create a new item with multiple components.

Access to Native Files

When a user uploads a file, NowPrint automatically converts it into a print-ready PDF file. Your staff has access to both the print-ready file and the native file in the print production queue, in case the client requests a change that requires the raw file. 

Variable-Data Printing (VDP)

Help your users take advantage of 1:1 marketing benefits by offering product personalization online. Data collection is controlled with a configurable form builder. Choose from Standard VDP capabilities that leverage the basic functionality of InDesign, Word and Publisher or Advanced VDP for more complex XMPie functionality.

Intelligent Reporting

Automate data gathering and improve print center analytics with insightful reports. Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services track data and keep it inside NowPrint. Reports can be generated in a variety of formats including: HTML 4.0 and 3.2, MHTML, XML, CSV, Excel, Image, PDF and RGDI. NowPrint reports include:

  • Transaction Report
  • Impressions by Print Center Usage
  • Vendor Report
  • Transaction By User
  • Bill of Materials
  • Document Type
  • Inventory on Hand
  • Inventory Total Usage

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The Benefits

NowPrint Gives You an Advantage

Experience Greater Return On Investment

Deploy NowPrint to:

  • Reduce rogue spend
  • Accelerate production turnaround times
  • Streamline print operations
  • Increase daily production throughput capabilities
  • Maximize resources
  • Track and chargeback orders for internal billing

Reduce IT Expenses,

This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution requires no new hardware, no special IT requirements and no capital investment, allowing you to invest your resources elsewhere. Yet you get access to our world-class NowCloud IT infrastructure ensuring high availability and 24/7 service and support.

Attract New Customers,

Customers want to order print services in the easiest way. A tool that lets them upload their file, see a digital proof, and pay for it online attracts customers who haven’t used your services before. Plus, NowPrint is always there, and you’re always open.

Reach a Larger Territory,

Anyone in the world can access your site through our secure, reliable NowCloud. All of the services that you offer are available to authorized users 24/7. Regardless of where they’re located geographically, they can order and pay for print services at your local print service center.

Shorten Order Lifecycle,

The entire transaction takes a few clicks. Order accuracy is confirmed and proofs are approved by the customer, budget information recorded and validated — all online — leaving you to just run and deliver the job. Gone are the costly back-and-forth of order validation, job ticket clarifications, proofing and reworks.

Improve Communication,

Production team members have one place to update the status of the order. Customers have real-time access to their order status, eliminating calls and voicemails to the production team.

Ensure Payment,

Our credit card module makes sure that customers have paid for their orders, which reduces any concerns you may have about receiving payment.

Shrink the Carbon Footprint,

Printing becomes a greener process when customers no longer need to drive to your print service center to drop off a file and when you don’t need to deliver a proof. Customers simply upload their digital file, view an electronic proof and pay for the order online.

Seamless Integration,

NowPrint can be customized to fit your needs. You literally control the text and products presented, payment methods, delivery services and product workflow configurations.

Deliver a Better Experience,

With NowPrint, the entire experience is fast and simple for all involved. Your organization has a better handle on print spend with full tracking and accounting.

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