Centralize and manage brand-approved print materials online.

Marketing, HR and corporate communications departments all use NowPrint® to centralize brand-approved print materials. From there, employees can easily request, download, personalize and distribute the print materials they need. This improves both brand consistency and speed to market.

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The Features

Branded-Communications Solution Features

Convenient Catalog

Store documents or non-print inventory in a Catalog that users can access based on rights and roles or segmented for a particular company or department. Each item has a thumbnail image and unique metadata associated with it (price, SKU, name, etc.). In addition to ordering printed documents, users can download any non-warehouse item as a PDF.

Automated Approvals

You can easily add an approval step before order submission. Approvals are configurable and can be automatic for all users in a group, or set to trigger when the order exceeds a particular threshold or dollar amount.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Easily manage non-print items (notepads, pens, etc.) or pre-printed items stored in inventory. Upload a thumbnail picture of the item, add the product description and it’s available for ordering.

Variable-Data Printing (VDP)

Take advantage of 1:1 marketing benefits by letting users personalize marketing materials online. Data collection is controlled with a configurable form builder. Choose from Standard VDP capabilities that leverage the basic functionality of InDesign, Word and Publisher or Advanced VDP for more complex XMPie functionality.

Use Common Page Layout and Design Applications with Standard VDP (VI)

If your designers use Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word and/or Microsoft Publisher to create personalized print products, NowPrint’s Standard VDP is a good solution for you. Using the data merge function, your graphic artists can design personalized products to apply variable text and/or variable images. Then, the design template, supporting graphic files and data merge file are uploaded to NowPrint for execution.

Key VI Advantages:

Save Time and Money

Use applications that are familiar to your designers for page layout and design, except now they can create variable-data merge documents, too.

Use Advanced Features

InDesign provides advanced features not available with Microsoft® products, including image-fitting rules, the ability to collapse empty lines and additional design features.

Create Documents with Unlimited Pages

The design template allows for unlimited pages to handle multi-page document VDP needs.

Improve Admin Efficiency with a User-Friendly Product Image

NowPrint uses the design template for the catalog product image. Plus, variable areas are displayed using variable markers such as <> or <>, etc.

Use More Complex XMPie with Advanced VDP (VIX)

When your personalized print piece requires business logic during the data merge process, XMPie® QlingoR® scripting provides the solution. NowPrint gives you an option that fully supports the XMPie® composition engine platform.

Key VIX Advantages:

Design Powerful, Targeted Documents

Leverage InDesign with the XMPie® uDirect™ plug-in to create powerful 1:1 documents in the InDesign® application designers already use.

Authorize Unlimited Users

You get an Unlimited Direct Designer™ license to distribute template design tools to anyone in the organization for creating high-end XMPie campaign templates.

Mass-Personalize Campaigns

This solution includes the easy-to-use uDirect™ Standard desktop package that lets you merge mass-personalization records to create variable-data print documents.

Write Custom Scripts

Use Qlingo to write scripts for adding intelligence to VDP applications, including scripts to:

  • manipulate the product layout based on data entered by the user
  • enforce branding rules on user-entered data
  • apply style variables to alter fonts, colors, sizes, etc. to personalized product based on user input
Dynamically Adjust the Content

Size, position, reflow and other effects can be adjusted on the fly based on input.

Tap into InDesign® Capabilities

Drop shadows, content applied to curves and other design features are available when using the InDesign-based XMPie tools.

Host Existing XMPie Templates

Organizations that are already using XMPie can continue to use existing templates, but now users will have the additional option of web-to-print commerce.

Create Multi-Page Documents

The classic XMPie solution allows up to 8-pages in the InDesign® template. If your template requires additional pages, we can work with you on a NowPrint contract.

Simplify Font Usage

XMPie has superb font management as it processes fonts from the uploaded campaign package.

Streamline Uploads

Two set-up steps are eliminated because the admin uploads a campaign package to NowPrint that contains the InDesign template file, fonts, data file and supporting images.

Improve Admin Efficiency with a User-Friendly Product Image

NowPrint uses the designer’s specified XMPie record for the static catalog product image.

Control Print Production

Limited merging will occur with mass personalization items for print PDF, so we recommend merging in the desktop application to control batches.

Brand-Approved Look and Feel

Ensure your portal reflects your organization’s brand. Choose from a selection of color themes, upload logos and implement brand-approved imagery to create a consistent brand experience that helps users feel more confident about — and satisfied with — the print procurement process. Our standard license includes unlimited configurable sites, unlimited system users and unlimited groups to organize your users.

Intelligent Reporting

Automate data gathering and improve analytics with insightful reports. Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services track data and keep it inside NowPrint. Reports can be generated in a variety of formats including: HTML 4.0 and 3.2, MHTML, XML, CSV, Excel, Image, PDF and RGDI. NowPrint reports include:

  • Transaction Report
  • Impressions by Print Center Usage
  • Vendor Report
  • Transaction By User
  • Bill of Materials
  • Document Type
  • Inventory on Hand
  • Inventory Total Usage

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The Benefits

NowPrint Returns Add Up

Experience a Greater Return on Investment

Deploy NowPrint to:

  • Reduce rogue spend
  • Accelerate production turnaround times
  • Streamline print operations
  • Increase daily production throughput capabilities
  • Maximize resources
  • Track and chargeback orders for internal billing

Apply Resources,

This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution requires no new hardware, no special IT requirements and no capital investment, allowing you to invest your resources elsewhere. You get access to our world-class NowCloud IT infrastructure ensuring high availability and 24/7 service and support.

Open a New Location,

Suddenly, your brand assets are accessible via an icon on a screen being clicked anywhere in the world. People can order print, submit work, proof jobs, customize content and specify fulfillment and delivery all through your NowPrint app.

Accept Orders,

All of the services that you offer are available to authorized users 24/7. With the high levels of automation and touchless workflows that web-to-print enables, you can actually have orders come in day or night. NowPrint is always there, and your brand-approved materials are always available.

Produce More Print,

The entire transaction takes a few clicks. Order accuracy is confirmed and brand-consistent proofs are approved by the user, budget information is recorded and validated, leaving your print service provider to run and deliver the job. Gone is the costly, time-consuming back-and-forth of order validation, proofing and rework.

Deliver a Better Experience,

With NowPrint, the entire print-ordering experience is fast and simple for all involved. Your department has a better handle on print spend with full tracking and accounting. And your portal becomes a vital hub for your organization’s brand-approved communications.

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