Expand Your Print Services Online

Now, Print Service Providers can add a new revenue stream or implement a more efficient print-on-demand production process with a minimal investment of time and money. Our expertise makes setting up a scalable web-to-print solution easy. We’ll help you make your business case, too.

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The Features

Essential Web-to-Print Features

Active Preview

With Active Preview, customers choose their print options and dynamically preview their selections. This allows them to verify the accuracy of their order before purchase. And, because choosing different options causes the previewer to automatically update, you can also showcase upsell options.

Flexible Pricing Configuration

Assign discounts, establish bulk pricing and set other pricing rules with our flexible pricing options. Pricing configurations can define tiered-unit price per quantity, set price per item ordered and total a group of individual items to create a new item with multiple components.

Dynamic Pricing

You can have set pricing (catalog and inventory products), component-based pricing that calculates on the fly based on the job specifications, matrix pricing (volume discounts), or the ability to add costs at the item level. Prices can be different for each customer or tied to a specific print center.

Production Management

Track, adjust, route, prioritize and monitor order volumes at one or many print centers. Implement an automated PDF and integrated job ticket (JDF, XPIF) workflow, or download both the native file and the resulting PDF. NowPrint® can enable a workflow or hand off to your workflow.

Ad Hoc Printing

This self-service environment empowers customers to initiate the ordering process of your workflow. By removing barriers and proactively communicating with customers, the NowPrint tools and interface make the order process easy and self-guided. More complex orders are streamlined through visualization tools (Active Preview) and page-level specifications.

Payment Options Management

Set up custom payment methods to collect/chargeback to specific departments, cost centers, etc. Accounting data is collected on a job-by-job basis. Payment methods can range from entering chargeback data in an open text box to choosing from a list of payment options.

Oversized Print Options

Give customers convenient, self-service access to ordering banners, wall or door posters, large signs and other oversized prints. They can easily order oversized prints by clicking your icon on their desktop, laptop or tablet. From there they can upload, specify and purchase oversized print requests.

Page-Level Exceptions or Tab Insertion

NowPrint lets you easily add exceptions or insert tabs between any two pages of a document. That means users can create and edit the copy on tabs and control individual page print options, which ensures the printed document is exactly what the customer wanted.

Convenient Warehousing and Fulfillment

Easily manage non-print items (notepads, pens, etc.) or pre-printed items stored in inventory. Upload a thumbnail picture of the item, add the product description, and it’s available for ordering.

Brand-Approved Look and Feel

Ensure your portal reflects your organization’s brand. Choose from a selection of color themes, upload logos and implement brand-approved imagery to create a consistent brand experience that helps users feel more confident about — and satisfied with — the print procurement process. Our standard license includes unlimited configurable sites, unlimited system users and unlimited groups to organize your users.

Variable-Data Printing (VDP)

Help your customers take advantage of 1:1 marketing benefits by offering product personalization online. Data collection is controlled with a configurable form builder. Choose from Standard VDP capabilities that leverage the basic functionality of InDesign, Word and Publisher or Advanced VDP for more complex XMPie functionality.

Intelligent Reporting

Automate data gathering and improve print center analytics with insightful reports. Microsoft® SQL Server® Reporting Services track data and keep it inside NowPrint. Reports can be generated in a variety of formats including: HTML 4.0 and 3.2, MHTML, XML, CSV, Excel, Image, PDF and RGDI. NowPrint reports include:

  • Transaction Report
  • Impressions by Print Center Usage
  • Vendor Report
  • Transaction By User
  • Bill of Materials
  • Document Type
  • Inventory on Hand
  • Inventory Total Usage

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The Benefits

NowPrint Creates Advantages

Experience Greater Return On Investment

Deploy NowPrint to:

  • Reduce rogue spend
  • Accelerate production turnaround times
  • Streamline print operations
  • Increase daily production throughput capabilities
  • Maximize resources
  • Track and chargeback orders for internal billing

Reduce IT Expenses,

This Software as a Service (SaaS) solution requires no new hardware, no special IT requirements and no capital investment, allowing you to invest your resources elsewhere. Yet you get access to our world-class NowCloud IT infrastructure ensuring high availability and 24/7 service and support.

Attract New Customers,

Customers want to order print services in the easiest way. A tool that lets them upload their file, see a digital proof, and pay for it online attracts customers who haven’t used your services before. Plus, NowPrint is always there, and you’re always open.

Reach a Larger Territory,

Anyone in the world can access your site through our secure, reliable NowCloud. All of the services that you offer are available to authorized users 24/7. Regardless of where they’re located geographically, they can order and pay for print services at your local print service center.

Shorten Order Lifecycle,

The entire transaction takes a few clicks. Order accuracy is confirmed and proofs are approved by the customer, budget information recorded and validated — all online — leaving you to just run and deliver the job. Gone are the costly back-and-forth of order validation, job ticket clarifications, proofing and reworks.

Improve Communication,

Production team members have one place to update the status of the order. Customers have real-time access to their order status, eliminating calls and voicemails to the production team.

Ensure Payment,

Our credit card module makes sure that customers have paid for their orders, which reduces any concerns you may have about receiving payment.

Shrink the Carbon Footprint,

Printing becomes a greener process when customers no longer need to drive to your print service center to drop off a file and when you don’t need to deliver a proof. Customers simply upload their digital file, view an electronic proof and pay for the order online.

Seamless Integration,

NowPrint can be customized to fit your needs. You literally control the text and products presented, payment methods, delivery services and product workflow configurations.

Deliver a Better Experience,

With NowPrint, the entire experience is fast and simple for all involved. Your organization has a better handle on print spend with full tracking and accounting.

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